House Inspections

Houses come in all shapes and sizes – some are new, some are old and some are very old. In Victoria houses date back to 1851 and new construction is still in progress. Houses from the different eras have many different systems and components. From coal furnaces with knob and tube wiring to geothermal heat with solar panel power electricity, Island Home Inspection covers everything and gives you the information you need to be comfortable and knowledgeable about the house of your choice.

Inspection Prices:

Homes under 2500 sq ft = $449 + GST*
Each Additional 1000 sq ft = additional $50 + GST
Example:  Home 3800 sq ft would be = $549 + GST

Additional Suites/Living areas are $50 + GST

*All pricing is subject to evaluation and change. Pricing is based on standard single family dwellings. Please contact to discuss any inspections that may not fall under these classifications.