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Dryer vents

Spooky areas like this require proper clothing and equipment, often its an area where some issues are present. These spider webs are littered with dryer lint from a poor dryer vent installation. The over sized ducting had no damper and

Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating can be found in newer homes as well as some older homes. The two main types are hydronic (water) and electric. Hydronic systems usually have a boiler that can be electric, gas, or oil fired, the boiler heats

Granular Loss

Granules are the little rocks on the top of your shingle that are an integral part of your roofing system. Asphalt shingles are typically comprised of a fibreglass weave, impregnated asphalt, glueing strips and the top granule layer. The granules

Ventilation Terminating at the Soffit

This harmless photo does not show the black mold/algae growth that was growing on the underside of this home’s roof sheathing. Older building code permitted the termination of mechanical fans from the bathrooms and kitchens at areas under the eaves

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Foundation Cracks

Many homes suffer from foundation cracks, usually they are minor and need only to be sealed with caulking to avoid water and insect intrusion. However, some cracks (such as this one) may indicate serious structural movement and can be expensive

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