Hot Water Tanks don’t last forever

IMG_20131010_091651No one likes a cold shower, but dealing with a leaking hot water tank can be even less enjoyable. So how long does a hot water tank last? Well this depends on a few factors. How much hot water is being used? What are the environmental factors around the hot water heater location? What is the size? Was it installed properly? Typically tanks will last around 10 years, but it’s best to be proactive with your replacement schedule. Inspect your tank regularly, look for any signs of drips or rust and monitor your hot water supply at taps. Most tanks also have a temperature and pressure relief valve (sometimes on the top and sometimes on the side). It should have a connected tube that extends down to the ground (so the water does not scold people). If this valve is leaking it can be a warning sign and a good time to call a plumber for further evaluation.

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